Friday, March 13, 2009

Lundberg Organic Rice

A good thing about Certified Organic products (like rice, potatoes, and corn, etc.) is that they do not use Cryolite, an insecticide which has fluoride, when being raised in the field, but it is also good if it is grown without fluoridated water. Lundberg rice, I believe, is a good Organic rice and fluoride free.

From an email from Lundberg Ag Division: (USDA Organic Certified Rice)

"All of our Organic rice is produced in compliance within the USDA National Organic Program standards, which prohibits the use of any synthetic substances. We are very fortunate here in California to have relatively few insect pests that would require use of a “pesticide.” The only appropriate items that we have available would be a Bt material.

We irrigate our rice systems from 2 sources…deep wells and gravity-delivered water from local irrigation districts, neither of which involve any processing or adulteration prior to delivery to our fields. The primary water source that re-charges both of these systems is the pristine snowpack that annually falls upon the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Northern California. As the snow melts in the springtime, the water is either captured by reservoirs or percolates into the underground aquifers. We do not utilize any “fluoridated” potable water sources for our production activities.

If you have any further questions concerning our production techniques or protocols, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

Kindest personal regards, Lance Benson

Lance Benson

Lundberg Family Farms – Ag Division"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Note: Blue Sky sodas are USDA ORGANIC and sold at a nearby health food store. I recommend their products. (Reverse Osmosis or distilling are the only two ways to remove fluoride that I know of so far.) This is from an email sent by them:

"Thanks for visiting the Blue Sky website.

We do not use fluoride water in our sodas. Also, the facilities that we use to manufacture our products use an R/O (Reverse Osmosis) System that removes fluoride from the water. If any fluoride were present in the water it would be removed through this process.

This is true for all Blue Sky Soda products.

Thank you,

Lori @ Blue Sky"

note: from my original inquiry:

"Hi, I am trying to avoid fluoride. I noticed your Organic Blue Sky Soda says "filtered carbonated water". I was wanting to know if your water contains any fluoride or do you reverse Osmosis or what? I appreciate anything you can tell me. Thank you."

USDA Information

Note:This is an email response from the USDA concerning the use of Cryolite & water used to irrigate:

"Thank you for your email, below. No synthetics are allowed in organic production and all non-synthetics are allowed, except as noted in the National Organic Program (NOP) regulation's National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. You may access the NOP regulation on the NOP website at Please see the following sections:

§ 205.206 Crop pest, weed, and disease management practice standard.
§ 205.601 Synthetic substances allowed for use in organic crop production.
§ 205.602 Nonsynthetic substances prohibited for use in organic crop production.

Regarding irrigation water: Irrigation water is regulated by states. Generally, the NOP places no further restrictions on reclaimed water used for irrigation beyond those imposed by State Departments of Natural Resources. However, to fully answer this question, we would need to know how and from what source the water is being reclaimed.


Demaris Wilson
Associate Deputy Administrator
Transportation and Marketing Programs
Agricultural Marketing Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture"

Note: From original email to USDA:

"...can you direct me to a list of
approved pesticides for use with organic farming? or the ones not
approved. I looked on your site but couldn't find it.

I am concerned about cryolite (sodium aluminum fluoride), Sulfuryl
fluoride, or any other "fluoride" containing pesticide; plus I would
like to know what is allowed to be used.

Do you have any regulations pertaining to the water used to irrigate with?"

Organic Root Beer

Santa Cruz Organic makes root beer and other carbonated drinks that are certified organic, "USDA ORGANIC". On the can it says "sparkling filtered water". We contacted this company by phone and were told the water was well water (their well) and contained no fluoride.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Miller Coors Responds

"Thank you for contacting MillerCoors.

The water used at all our breweries contains a low level of fluoride (less than 1 part per million)in our final products. This fluoride results from addition by the city and/or is naturally present in the water.

MillerCoors does not make a fluoride free product.


MillerCoors Consumer Affairs Department" --Quoted from their email response 02/12/2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Hidden Poison

"Fluoride: The Hidden Poison in the National Organic Standards"
Great research by By Ellen and Paul Connett, Ph.D.
from their article, "Incredibly, the new standards allow the use of the toxic substance sodium fluoride in organic agriculture."

You can see the EPA updated their list of "inert" substances and "sodium fluoride" is one that is now not allowed, but I'm looking to see if one could attempt to subvert this by, say, using "bone meal" or something with a high fluoride content or water even.

Foods that are "Organic"... What water do they use to water it? Also are they still using all of the "organic" fluorides as this article suggests? (aside from their update of banning sodium fluoride, is any other fluoride allowed) I'm looking into this.
A Systematic review of water fluoridation at website

Also has responses from readers of this research paper

Severe Enamel Fluorosis in Children

"Severe enamel fluorosis occurs at an appreciable frequency, approximately 10% on average, among children in U.S. communities with water fluoride concentrations at or near the current MCLG of 4 mg/L. Thus, the committee concludes that the MCLG of 4 mg/L is not protective against severe enamel fluorosis." from page 346

Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards (2006)

In this report they are saying that 10% on average of kids in communities with close to 4 milligrams per liter in their drinking water have severe fluorosis!

Fuoride Report

This 2006 Report on the toxicology of fluoride in our drinking water is available if you want to see some scientific data. This report is over 500 pages and can be read online for free.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Picture of Fluorosis result on teeth

"The recent surge in Fluorosis cases seen in the Los Angeles and other metropolitan areas are most likely due to multiple sources of fluoride supplementation resulting in a net fluoride ingestion that is above the optimal level." - quoted from

Go to http ref to see example of fluorosis (too much fluoride)pictures

Thursday, January 22, 2009

According to the CDC

"Fluoride Additives for Water

What additives are used to fluoridate water?

Fluorosilicic acid is the most commonly used additive for water fluoridation, followed by two dry additives—sodium fluorosilicate and sodium fluoride. Fluorosilicic acid is derived from production of phosphate fertilizers. Phosphate rock which is comprised of calcium phosphate, calcium fluoride, apatite ore, and limestone, is mixed and heated with sulfuric acid to form a phosphoric acid-gypsum slurry, the starting point to make pelletized phosphate fertilizers. The hydrogen fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride that would otherwise be left in the gypsum slurry is deliberately recovered from the slurry by evaporators and condensed to a high purity fluorosilicic acid that can be used for water fluoridation. Both sodium fluorosilicate and sodium fluoride are created by neutralizing fluorosilicic acid with either sodium chloride (table salt) or caustic soda. See Water Fluoridation Additives for a more detailed explanation."


Kellogg Foundation & Fluoridation of Salt

The Kellogg Foundation is responsible to for a mass fluoridation program in Latin America. The program uses salt as the means of delivering the treatment.

Peter Meiers Website

Peter Meiers site is filled with information on the development of fluoride and its various uses. He has put together a huge amount of information.

A History of Fluoride as it relates to the Thyroid

A good place to start with skeptics is to show them this reference, and the studies regarding IQ.

Obviously, our thyroid is important, and if its function is suppressed then you will be lethargic.
And hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland) will cause many symptoms, one being weight gain.
Everyone, it seems, wants to blame corn syrup for our troubles in the U.S. as far as the population being obese, but we may want to take another look at fluoride in our food & drink as a possible culprit.

23 Studies with regards to Fluoride and IQ

The Fluoride Action Network has 23 studies in regards to a reduction in IQ

This is a very important thing to know. If this chemical reduces brain function, why should we allow it in our water, food, or any beverages we consume. We, the public, must demand that this poisonous substance not be allowed in any food product whatsoever.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Okay, here it is. I am attempting to contact food & beverage manufacturers to go on the record as far as their products being fluoride free. Please feel free to post any information you may have as far as this subject is concerned.